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DermaWand Reviews: Does Derma Wand Really Work?

The sales pitch behind the Dermawand non-surgical facelift system makes some beautiful promises, but...Does DermaWand really work?


In this article, you’ll get a glimpse on the actual Derma Wand’s sales pitch. And you’ve all heard your share of sales pitches. They promise you the moon just long enough to grab your money and run. Then, you find out later on that you actually don’t need the product or it doesn’t really work the way it promises. If you buy Derma Wand, will you really end up with a beautiful, youthful smile or will you be scowling in anger for the rest of your life?

Promises…? Ploys…or Does DermaWand Really Work?

Does DermaWand work?

Does DermaWand work?

Derma Wand non-surgical face-lift promises to instantly lift, tone, and tighten the skin around your eyes, stating that in as little as three minutes, you’ll get to see visible results. After people have tried this, many of them can assure you that it’s very true. And it only makes sense since the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face, and if there’s an area where signs of improvement first manifest themselves, it’s in this area. Thus, you can safely say that Derma Wand delivers on this promise.

They also promise to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles that have appeared on your face. However, most people fail to notice that Derma Wand states that deep wrinkles will not disappear overnight. For the more conspicuous signs of aging, you really need to give yourself time to see the improvements. The Derma Wand is like your own personal version of the equipment your skin care specialists use, and it takes more than one office visit to see improvement there. So, it only stands to reason that it would take more than one use of the wand to completely erase your wrinkles at home. Again, Derma Wand delivers on this promise, too. Plus, it really is cheaper. All you need to do is make that one-time payment and you can do the routine yourself. When you visit your doctor, you will be required to pay for every visit.

Some people consider it a sales ploy that the Derma Wand people recommend you use their own line of skin care products when you use the wand. First of all, they’re recommending their own products because they’re formulated to give you the best results. But they also clearly state that the Derma Wand will work with your own favorite products. Sales ploy? No, because they’re being very open in stating that you’ll see results whether you use their products or not. If you’re trying to save some cash, then stick with what you have. But if you really want to be thorough about it, you can also opt to buy the whole line. The choice is really yours.

So…Does DermaWand Work? Yes…

In this world of fast-talking used-car salesmen and unethical business practices, you can be rest assured that the people of DermaWand have nothing to hide and that their product really works. So, you can quit wasting money on all those fancy, expensive creams that don’t deliver, and trust that the Derma Wand works to restore your youthful appearance.

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