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Derma Wand Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the DermaWand? Is It safe for acne? Where can I buy Dermawand? What about reviews? You'll discover answers to these, and other DermaWand questions.


Derma Wand

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Answers to Your Questions

Anytime you’re considering altering the appearance of your face, you’re bound to have a few questions and maybe some concerns. Especially when it involves something that’s making as many promises as the Derma Wand is. Right now, you need to put some of your fears to rest, and one way to do that is to know the facts.

What Is the DermaWand?

Derma Wand is a non-surgical, anti-wrinkle facelift product that you can use at home. It basically works to massage and oxidate your skin. This results in a decrease in wrinkles and helps make your skin look more…alive.

Is DermaWand Safe?


One great thing about the DermaWand is that, so far, we haven’t really heard of any bad, or negative, side effects.  Having said that, if you have acne, it can work you (as discussed on this thread).  The basic idea is that DermaWand can be good for you if you suffer from acne, it’ll stimulate your skin, give it oxygen, and help zap away the bacteria that’s causing the acne.

DermaWand Creator, Christina Boves (age 56 in this image)

DermaWand Creator, Christina Boves (age 56 in this image)

Who Created The DermaWand?

DermaWand was created by Christina Boves, who’s been in this industry for 30 years.  Speaking about her career experience, Christina says, “I know what works, and what doesn’t work, for that tired, aged skin.”

How Does the Derma Wand Work?

The Derma Wand delivers minute electrical impulses on the surface of your skin. These impulses, like a powerful massage with millions of fingers, promote circulation and draw oxygen and essential nutrients to the upper layers of your skin to rejuvenate and revitalize your appearance. Plus, it allows your blood to distribute the essential substances so your skin gets an even tone.

Does the Derma Wand Hurt?

In the beginning, you’ll be surprised by the tingling sensation, but the Derma Wand is adjustable so you can start out gradually and work your way up in intensity at your own pace. But there are no invasive procedures involved with the wand like there are with surgery. There may be a slight discomfort from your end, but that’s the worst that it can get. After using the wand, you can go back to your normal routine and not suffer any ill-effects.

How Long Does DermaWand Last?

The effects from the Derma Wand last longer the more you use it because it’s working on the muscles and tissues of your face, just like a massage. The Derma Wand is safe to use as often as you like, and when used regularly, you’ll see more and more improvement in skin tone and youthfulness. You can enhance the outcome if you augment it with the other products you can also buy. Or, you can also stick with the ones you already have at home.

Will the Derma Wand Get Rid of Deep Lines and Wrinkles?

You’ll see instant results from the very first time you use the wand. Generally, results appear first in the eye area because this is where the skin is thinnest. The fine lines and wrinkles will be next and, over a short period of time, you’ll see those deeper lines and wrinkles begin to fade for good. Give the more conspicuous signs of aging some time to disappear. Nonetheless, you can be assured that all these problems will be addressed by the device.

What Have Other Customers Said About The DermaWand?

Overall, the consumer feedback for the DermaWand has been excellent.  This site is about what we’ve found out from our research into consumer reviews and what others said about it.

Are There Alternatives to the Derma Wand?

To achieve the same results you’ll achieve with the Derma Wand, the only alternative we know of is costly surgery, which is not only painful and requires a long recovery period. Moreover, the results aren’t always guaranteed. You’ve seen those celebrities who look like fake dolls. No thanks! With the Derma Wand, you won’t be at the mercy of unskilled surgeons. What you’ll have is something that is 100 percent reliable.

Where Can I Buy The DermaWand, And Get A Great Deal?

You can get the DermaWand through this site.

Derma Wand

Click Here For Great Derma Wand
Reviews and Prices at Amazon

Hopefully, this FAQ has answered all of your questions and addressed all of your concerns. Obviously, this wonderful piece of technology is the choice to make. For revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin and getting you back your youthful appearance, you need to trust the DermaWand.

Derma Wand